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029: Dan Waldschmidt: Mindset, Methods, and Magic

“Don’t be afraid to encourage people you might think don’t need encouragement.” Dan Waldschmidt, entrepreneur, best selling author, andchampion ultrarunner discusses his drive to be his best self, help others create greatness, and use mindset and method to create business magic. We also touch on the idea of focusing on purpose and intention and how that inspires different outcomes than simply focusing on results.

Dan Waldschmidt, Husband, Father, Business Strategist, Speaker, Ultra-Runner

Dan Waldschmidt doesn’t just talk about success. He’s obsessed with it. As a champion ultra-runner and elite strategist to business leaders across the world, Dan pushes the limits of high performance in everything that he does. Whether it is helping a Fortune 100 business growan emerging business unit by 1,000% year-over-year or showing a new work-from-home entrepreneur how to drive radical progress with limited resources—Dan uses every ounce of his energy to build winners. He calls it”EDGY”. You might call it “that thing I knew I needed but couldn’t put into words”.

He has fought depression (and MMA), spearheaded his own multi-million dollar company turnaround, andwrites a popular blog that over 30 million people around the world read. If you care about these sort of things, The Wall Street Journal praised his writing as one of the most influential sales and business blogs. His insights have been published in Business Insider, Forbes, VanityFair, CNBC and countless other news, radio, podcast, and TV outlets.

If you want to be awesome, he wants to help you.


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Podcast: EDGY Conversations

Community: Empire.Edgy.Life

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