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045: Rajesh Setty: Listening to the Marketplace

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Blind spot insurance? Karma accounts? Practical generosity? Alchemy? What? Rajesh Setty is a tech entrepreneur and has a unique perspective and an approach that is both philosophical and deeply practical. No summary would do justice to this conversation. Jump in, listen, learn, and then go put the ideas to work.      

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Rajesh Setty, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Alchemist

Rajesh Setty is a serial entrepreneur, author and teacher based in Silicon Valley. Raj has co-founded multiple technology and publishing firms since 2000, the latest being Audvisor (, a push-button learning and communication platform for professional growth. .
Raj has written and published sixteen books with the latest being Setup to Startup (, foreword by Tim Draper) and the first one being published at the age of thirteen. You can read about his upcoming book “Smart, but Stuck: When being brilliant is not good enough” here:
He maintains a blog (at with close to 2,000 blog posts and has contributed to Huffington Post, VentureBeat,, and
Raj’s latest creation is a box of 101 thoughtful cards to express gratitude in a meaningful way.
Raj is an award-winning teacher at the Founder Institute and a member of the Band of Angels. More about him at


Connect with Rajesh:


Twitter:  @RajSetty

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