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meet the host

IMG_20140722_110247 (1)I am Broc Edwards and I have a crazy-big vision. I am on a mission to help transform lives, one step, one action at a time. I love the intersection of humans and business and am driven to play bigger, do better, and move the world.

It’s been said most people know what to do but few people do what they know. Many of us get in our own way, get stuck, and don’t move forward. We end up looking back on our glory days and wondering about all our life could have been if only we’d played bigger.

That’s the inspiration for imperfectACTION! I wanted to discover and share ideas and inspiration from ordinary people around the world who are up to amazing things. People who have found their own path through life and bring their own awesome to everything they do. I want to figure out how to apply their approaches into our lives so we can get unstuck, make better decisions, take better actions, and get better results.

In my day job and in previous roles as a consultant, coach, and leadership development facilitator I have worked with individuals, teams, and leaders in higher education, manufacturing, mining, banking, retail, not-for-profit, and government organizations in North America, Europe, and Australia. These days, my day job is in higher education and I can occasionally be found speaking at conferences.

Oh, and I play with my kids, cheer on my fantastic wife, and read, lift weights, mountain bike, and trail run in the spaces in between.

Let’s get started!