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017: Bill Cortright: Building an Optimal Life

“Why do we know what to do but don’t do it?” Bill Cortright breaks down the steps and actions behind building an optimal life. A serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry he shares the importance of diet as the very first step to preventing stress and moving forward. Bill also discusses the other steps necessary to move away from stress and into the “green zone” where we are able to be at our best.


Bill Cortright, Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, Best-Selling Author 

Bill Cortright is serial entrepreneur and an inspiring international speaker and best-selling author of several books who has traveled the world to share his research and personal evolution on Stress Mastery. Bill teaches audiences about the true widespread impact of stress and how it can effectively be addressed.

Bill’s podcast is currently being downloaded in 20-plus countries around the world. The Stress Mastery Podcast is geared toward helping people take control and enhance their lives by having a better understanding of how stress plays a role in body, mind and spirit. In each episode, Bill is teaching techniques and the most advanced coaching on stress management, health, focus, productivity and most importantly how to live a higher life.

With over three decades of stress research, Bill shares his personal success story and teaches The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery which takes you from the science to the spirituality of stress management. The Seven Steps to Stress Mastery addresses the multitude of problems plaguing our world today which are linked to stress.

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Titles include: Intro to the Seven Steps of Stress Mastery, Real Energy, and Breaking Free From Life’s Cage


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Podcast: The Stress Mastery Podcast

Twitter: @billcortright

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