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BONUS EPISODE: JT Music: Nerdcore YouTube Stars

Skull, but no Pat in this photo

John and Christian (aka Pat and Skull) from JT Music join me and Dan Waldschmidt on Dan’s EDGY Conversations podcast to talk about nerdcore and the realities of making a living being YouTube heros.

This episode was part of the Bring Your Own Awesome miniseries I occasionally co-host with Dan. My son is a big fan of JT Music and we had a chance to meet and get to know them a bit at RTX back in August. This sparked my fascination with nerdcore and deep respect for the efforts John and Christian make to connect with their fans while consistently (read as: relentlessly) putting out high quality content.


Connect with JT Music:

YouTube: JT Music


Twitter: @JTMusicTeam


Dan and Broc

EDGY Conversations podcast (one of my favorites, even when I’m not on it): 

Simplecast: EDGY Conversations


(Theme music: “Runaway” by Shadow of Whales.)


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