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094: Karen Catlin: Better Allies for Inclusion

Karen Catlin, former tech executive, now an advocate for inclusive workplaces, is an author, speaker, and leadership coach. Inclusion is an important, but often confusing and difficult topic. How do you become even more inclusive as a leader? How can you be a better ally and mentor for others? How do you navigate your career so you’re seen as a team player but don’t get pigeon holed into lesser jobs? How do you advocate for yourself?

Karen makes a complicated issue a little more straightforward and offers practical approaches for how we can help make the workplace even more inclusive regardless of where we are in our career.

It’s time to play bigger, do better, and move the world. Let’s get started.

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Karen Catlin, Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Author

After spending 25 years building software products and serving as a vice president of engineering at Macromedia and Adobe, Karen Catlin witnessed a sharp decline in the number of women working in tech. Frustrated but galvanized, she knew it was time to switch gears.

Today, Karen is a vocal advocate for inclusion, a leadership coach, a keynote speaker, and the author of two books: Better Allies: Everyday Actions to Create Inclusive, Engaging Workplaces and The Better Allies™ Approach to Hiring.

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