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084: Stefan Bramble: Finding Your Voice

Ever feel like you’ve lost your true self? That the voice of the real you has faded away or been hidden behind the corporate mask for so long? That somewhere along the way to the life of your dreams, you find yourself in a life you don’t really want?

Stefan Bramble, performing artist turned consultant helping organizations improve leadership, increase engagement, and prevent burnout discusses:

  • Creating joy and meaning in our lives
  • Redefining our voice through play
  • Being our authentic selves
  • Being vulnerable and showing our heart
  • Being bold, speaking up, and having our voices heard

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Stefan Bramble, Director of Brazen, Facilitator, and Fun Guy

Who is this Stefan Guy?

The youngest son of 4 boys, Stefan has been learning to manipulate people’s emotions from before he could walk. As a student he developed a keen interest in drama, comedy, science, phycology and superheros. This combination of course lead him to graduate Monash university with a degree in performing arts and a grad dip in education, where he went on to teach bored kids how to actually get excited about their education. The double edged sword of this work meant that he became excited about his own education and went back to uni and did a proper acting degree at the VCA (it’s like Sydney’s NIDA but cooler and not as famous). This began his obsession/addiction to clown, he has done a lot of weird things following that rabbit down a hole. On graduating he discovered that being an actor alone kind of sucks. However, luck shone on him and an old friend from his teaching degree gave him a job working with at risk and disengaged young people across Australia. This changed his life. During four years he worked closely with refugee groups, school refusers, corporate Australia, indigenous communities, people with disabilities, the young, the old and a partridge in a pear tree. Now he gets to take all this learning and help people be people around other people – be that as a leader, a manager, a speaker, a networker, a lover, a daughter, a dad or just some guy.


What is Brazen?

Coming from a basis in communication, public speaking and leadership, we aim to create groups that are connected, dynamic and compassionate. We want to help create workplaces and organisations that allow people to be fully them and bring that themness to serve the needs of the group and the outcomes they are striving to achieve. We are always engaging. We provoke thought. We are genuine. We are always in discovery.

We are new and looking for opportunities to continue the exploration with other humans who believe that we are all better when we can authentically connect to others.


Connect with Stefan:


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