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074: Diamond Grant: Nothing Great Happens Overnight

“If you want to accomplish a whole lot, you’ve got to be willing to put in the work and sacrifice.”

Entrepreneur and fitness professional Diamond Grant works a corporate job, has two side businesses, and makes time to stay amazingly fit. In this episode, we discuss his approach to time management, what drives him to do so much, personal transformation, and his long-term view to empire building.

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Diamond Grant, Entrepreneur, Fitness Professional
Diamond Grant is originally from Liberia, West Africa, but grew up in Philadelphia. As a kid, he had a passion for fashion and fitness, which he fulfilled by playing varsity soccer in high school. After graduating high school, Diamond attended Colorado State University and that’s when he decided to focus more on health and fitness. He discovered that working out boosted his energy and self-confidence, so he fully committed to living a fit life. Diamond started to see the discipline he gained from his workout habits transfer over to other areas of his life, and he couldn’t help but start working to inspire friends, family, and colleagues to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.
The goal of DIAMOND FITLIFE is to inspire people to live a healthy and fit lifestyle which includes eating healthy, working out and living life to the fullest. In order for you to get to the top in Life you have to DREAM, FULFILL your dream and LIVE you dream. (DFL). Dream, Fulfill & Live.
Connect with Diamond:
Facebook: DiamondFitLife1
Instagram: @DiamondFitLife
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