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007: Jeremy Boyum

“It’s every day. You have to be a band more than two days a week.” Jeremy Boyum discusses connecting personally with fans, persistence, time management while juggling family, career, and following his dreams, and the three people on his “must meet” list.

(PS, his band’s music is the intro/outro of Imperfect Action.)

Jeremy Boyum, connector, bassist and fan engagement for Shadow of Whales

Not really a bio, but this series of tweets from Jeremy sums up his approach to music and the music business better than a bio could:

“It’s probably weird, but I think about Shadow of Whales fans literally on a daily basis. People always think it’s weird when I remember their names at concerts or recognize them at shows from their twitter or Instagram handles. I genuinely care about your well being.

I actually look at and engage with your tweets. Not just our mentions. I feel like it would be weirder for me to say in interviews or on stage that we are a band that cares about you and wants to encourage you but then takes no time to get to know you or encourage you outside of just writing some songs. Songs are a great starting point for creating change, but change and inspiration don’t happen without an actual human interaction at some point.

I don’t want to just make inspirational posters or songs that you hang on the wall and look at every now and then to be motivated. I want to actually inspire you to be who you are, love yourself and take action in the real world to change because I truly believe you are amazing.”

Where to find Jeremy:

Twitter: @jeremyboyumsow


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Photo credit: Fox & Florals Media

Theme music: Just a Little by Shadow of Whales.

Big thanks for letting me use the song.

Find them, check out their videos, and get their music.








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