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052: Adam Aldrich and Trent Kocurek: Intentional Entrepreneurs

Adam, Adam’s brother Austin, and Trent

Adam and Trent, founders of Airship, discuss the importance of being intentional about building culture, fostering teamwork and collaboration, selecting customers and projects, the advantages of having founders with very different styles, and the growing pains of expanding from a side hustle to a full-time business.      

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Adam Aldrich, President and Co-Founder of Airship

As President and co-founder of Airship, I enjoy building great products with great people, solving complex problems in simple ways, and helping team members grow both professionally and personally. What excites me most is building teams that accomplish amazing things together. At Airship, we focus on serving the customer and help clients become more productive with our product solutions.
Prior to founding Airship, my co-founder Trent and I started Igniting, a development company formed to bootstrap a SaaS product for county government. In 2015, we moved this product into a new LLC called Breeze, where it doubled in size over the next 18 months. With the success of Breeze, and our founding team’s eagerness to continually solve new problems, we sold County Apps and Breeze to an amazing technology company in Pelham, AL in September of 2016.
I’m blessed to have a wonderful family with my wife, Dixie and my three children, Caleb, Chelsea and Cara. We live in the Ross Bridge community and enjoy spending time outdoors. I love mountain biking, baseball, and all board sports: Wakeboarding, snowboarding, and longboarding.
Trent Kocurek, CEO and Co-Founder of Airship
Trent, his beautiful wife Terri and their two amazing little boys Sawyer (4) and Oliver (1) live in Hoover, AL and attend Church of the Highlands. He is a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Information Systems Management.
His passions lie in looking for strategic ways to bring his team together to deliver amazing experiences, enthusiasm, and energy to each other, their customers and communities they serve. He’s passionate about his WHY and intentionally finds ways to grow that calling each day.
Connect with Adam and Trent:
Twitter: @TeamAirship
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