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In the crush of computerization, standardization, quantification, industrialization, information, and regulation, we often forget that it’s actual humans that create business results. Business gets done through, by, and for people. Period.

what thinks you? a fool’s eye view of human resources is a collection of posts exploring and playing with ideas at the intersection of business and humans.

This isn’t HR 101 or a how-to guide for new leaders, and you certainly won’t find any help within on demystifying employment laws and regulations. There are a lot of really great books offering legal, moral, ethical, and spiritual advice, but there’s none of that here. What you will find are thoughts, questions, ideas, and more questions around this fool’s perspective of what HR is and what it could be.

You see, I’m foolish enough to firmly believe that Human Resources can:

  • rehumanize work
  • make a crucial difference in company performance
  • be a strong corporate presence, not just a bystander
  • be a source of strategic innovation
  • change business
  • lead

What thinks you?



From Melissa Fairman at HR reMix:

Do you feel like stretching the brain muscle a bit today? Ever wonder how to get around the conventional HR thinking? Or maybe you just want to spend a few minutes a day challenging your thinking?

I have the book for you. [Read the rest at: HR reMix]


From Peter Watts at The Presenter’s Blog: 

What to talk about at the weekly team meeting?

It’s a seventh-day conundrum. Yet again it’s Monday morning. Yet again it’s that darned team meeting, and yet again, as the person chairing it, you’ve got no idea what to talk about. [Read the rest at: The Presenter’s Blog]


Your thoughts?

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