Broc Edwards is an energetic, interactive, and thought-provoking speaker whose presentations focus on helping leaders and HR professionals understand how to create  high performance workplaces and develop sustainable competitive advantages through people.

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2015 Speaking Schedule (confirmed and pending)

This year, I’ll be facilitating workshops, presenting a keynote, or leading concurrent sessions at several state level SHRM conferences, including: Alabama, Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Workshops, Keynotes, and Concurrent Sessions

 Title: boldHR

Category: Human Resources, Change

Format: 2 to 3 hour mini-workshop

HR is at a cross-roads and has an enormous opportunity to make a difference. After years of being a largely overlooked support function, business leaders are now seeking more and more from their HR department. The skill and knowledge requirements for a practitioner are increasing almost by the day as the field reinvents itself to keep up with new expectations and opportunities.

Status quo and playing safe no longer works. To keep up with the change, there is much discussion about redefining and overhauling what HR is and does. These are important conversations but they often forget that, to the individual just trying to get a job done, revolutionizing HR seems impossibly overwhelming. It sounds nice, but often appears disconnected from daily work. How do we meet rising demands while staying focused on today’s job?

That’s the importance of boldHR. No matter who we are, no matter where we are, no matter job title or career stage, we can all find ways to do even better, to be bolder. Whether you’re a senior VP of HR who wants to completely reinvent the HR function at your organization or you’re just starting out in your career and trying to learn the fundamentals, you can be bolder, play bigger, and create even better results.

All levels and career stages from entry level up through HR executive will benefit from this highly interactive workshop. Participants will:

  • Understand what boldHR is (and what it isn’t).
  • Learn what it means to practice boldHR and the impact it has on employees, managers, and business results.
  • Identify the most important areas they want to improve and how to do that.
  • Create a specific, practical, action plan to create even better results right away.




Title: HR as a competitive advantage

Category: Human Resources, Engagement, Culture, Business Results

Format: Keynote, Concurrent Session [NOTE: Has previously qualified for HRCI Business Recertification Credits]

HR is often seen as checkbox support function or a necessary evil to be endured (or outsourced). But what if it were more than that? What if HR were recognized a pivotal part of creating an enduring competitive advantage?

It’s not far-fetched and it’s not science fiction. People create business results, people set one organization apart from another, and who better to help the organization excel through its people than HR?

In this interactive session, participants will learn a simple model to better understand how and why HR is well positioned to be a key source of competitive advantage for organizations.


Attendees Will Learn:

  • The connection between HR, the employee experience, and business results.
  • The components of the 4+1 Strategy Cycle model and how they apply to HR.
  • How to use the model to help increase the organization’s competitive advantage regardless of level, position, or organization.


Title: what if employee engagement actually mattered?

Category: Employee Engagement, Culture, Business Results

Format: Keynote, Concurrent Session [NOTE: Has previously qualified for HRCI Business Recertification Credits]

Concern about employee engagement is everywhere. A quick search on employee engagement reveals over 6,600 books on amazon.com and nearly 2.4 million results on google. That’s a lot of books, articles, and blog posts about engagement. It’s on everyone’s mind and it should be. Studies over the past decade show 70% of the workforce is disengaged with estimated costs hitting $450+ billion a year. Clearly this is a problem.

Yet, despite all the concern and all the books, the level of disengagement has remained practically the same for the past decade. What other business problem could be so costly, generate so much sound and fury, and yet not change?

A better question is: What would we do differently if we approached disengagement as a problem worth solving?


Attendees Will Learn:

  • How disengagement is an organizational level business issues that directly affects workplace behaviors and employee performance, relations, and involvement.
  • Common myths about engagement that can get in the way of addressing engagement and hurt the organizational climate. (Here’s a teaser: engaged and happy are NOT the same thing.)
  • Understand and being able to use several practical approaches to increasing engagement at the strategic or tactical level.
  • Understand the connection between the employee experience and business results and how focusing on the employee experience leads to more positive and productive employee relations, employee involvement, and increases performance.


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