“that’s the way we’ve always done it” isn’t a strategy

Business is at a cross-roads. Business gets done for, through, and by people. Unfortunately, the human side of business has not evolved at the pace of technology, has not kept up with changing expectations, and is anchoring business in the past. Leadership is at a cross-roads. The dictatorial command and control philosophy so repugnant in … Read more“that’s the way we’ve always done it” isn’t a strategy

a walk in the park

Cool crisp morning air. Mist blanketing the river. Lush lawns and trees in full bloom. It felt great being outside, walking around in the large park, watching the world ease into the day. Soon the participants for the class I was leading on innovation would be arriving. Walking along the river I noticed how different my … Read morea walk in the park

new ideas wanted, creativity not allowed

Good and bad is rarely as black and white as movies depict. Simple distinctions make for easy storytelling, but miss the sloppymessines of humanity. Strengths and weakness are rarely opposites – it’s not one or the other, but one with the other. I recall reading a sci-fi book as a teenager where humans had crated enormous … Read morenew ideas wanted, creativity not allowed

real world mission statements

What would happen if company mission statements were a summary of how the company actually operates instead of the all too common collection of socially acceptable phrases strung together by a committee? Perhaps we’d see more like: We leverage short-term relationships to extract maximum value from customers. Myopically focusing on quarterly results at the expense … Read morereal world mission statements

ignoring the success stories

There’s two kinds of business success stories that everyone talks about and then learns nothing from. The first is the upstart business that is just doing things disruptively different. Their organizational structure and processes go against the cookie cutter business school best practices. Companies like Valve with its completely flat org chart and BrewDog with … Read moreignoring the success stories