“that’s the way we’ve always done it” isn’t a strategy

Business is at a cross-roads. Business gets done for, through, and by people. Unfortunately, the human side of business has not evolved at the pace of technology, has not kept up with changing expectations, and is anchoring business in the past. Leadership is at a cross-roads. The dictatorial command and control philosophy so repugnant in … Read more“that’s the way we’ve always done it” isn’t a strategy

the #1 reason your company struggles with innovation

“When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.” ~ Eric Hoffer Businesses and leaders everywhere are crying out for innovation. For continual improvements and new ideas that will push the company forward before it falls behind. But there’s a problem. And it’s a problem that will prevent most innovation … Read morethe #1 reason your company struggles with innovation

what have you done to kill innovation today?

People are naturally creative and inventive. Most of it has been squeezed out of a person by the time they enter the workforce, but a little always remains. Creativity and innovation are the bane of exacting accuracy and efficiency. Trying something new or different slows things down and introduces errors and variability into processes. It … Read morewhat have you done to kill innovation today?

lessons from experimenting with innovation

I get sick of hearing about innovation. It’s too buzzwordy; there’s too much noise around it and far too many misconceptions. Yet, wherever an old idea isn’t working, wherever a new idea would work better, we need more innovation. We really need less talk and more action, but telling people to “go be innovative” doesn’t … Read morelessons from experimenting with innovation

a walk in the park

Cool crisp morning air. Mist blanketing the river. Lush lawns and trees in full bloom. It felt great being outside, walking around in the large park, watching the world ease into the day. Soon the participants for the class I was leading on innovation would be arriving. Walking along the river I noticed how different my … Read morea walk in the park