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Discussing the future of HR at The Frontier Project

I have a crazy-big vision. The future of work is coming at us fast. Business is changing the world and the world is changing business. The organizations that seem so normal today are about to look outdated and antiquated. How we lead business, manage people, and structure work is shifting and shifting fast.

My work centers around (re)humanizing and transforming business. Helping leaders, teams, and individuals create meaningful and fulfilling work by getting better at the soft human stuff that drives hard business results: leadership, culture, employee experience (EX), strategy, innovation, and communication.

I think, write, and speak on the human side of business, the FutureNow of work, and the competitive advantage of doing work worth doing. There are several movements happening in the business world right now; whether we call it conscious capitalism, democratic workplaces, social business, human business, etc. the whole structure of business is changing and the future of work is being built today. The businesses that don’t evolve will be left behind.

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Oh, and I play with my kids, cheer on my fantastic wife, and mountain bike and trail run in the spaces in between. I’m committed to playing bigger, doing better, and moving the world.