real world mission statements

What would happen if company mission statements were a summary of how the company actually operates instead of the all too common collection of socially acceptable phrases strung together by a committee? Perhaps we’d see more like: We leverage short-term relationships to extract maximum value from customers. Myopically focusing on quarterly results at the expense … Read morereal world mission statements

vanilla passion

I’ve long heard that vanilla is the best-selling ice cream, yet I’ve met very few people that say vanilla is their favorite. So what’s going on? How can a flavor that few love be a best seller? It wins because it is less offensive to more people. Few love it, but few really hate it. … Read morevanilla passion

short book review: Dangerous Ideas by Alf Rehn

Innovation and creativity are all the buzz. You can’t escape the flash flood of blogs and articles telling you how to be more creative. I had gotten pretty jaded and had started thinking that maybe we should worry less about being Innovative (with a capital “I”) and worry more about just making better stuff and … Read moreshort book review: Dangerous Ideas by Alf Rehn